POLL: Secret Ballot. Who would you have voted in as Mayor?

Vote for who you wanted to see as Mayor!

Armidale Regional Council has just elected Cr Simon Murray (Independent) as Mayor for the newly formed Armidale Regional Council by secret ballot along with Dorothy Robinson (The Greens, NSW) as Deputy Mayor. Congratulations to both Simon and Dorothy.

At NEFG, we believe that the electors deserved to know who their elected Councillors backed for the position of Mayor. That’s why we were so excited to see Cr Diane Gray make the case for a transparent vote, which if it had gone through, would have been a great start for the new Armidale Regional Council. You can read the full story by clicking here

In light of this election, we want to know if the Armidale Regional Community agreed with the appointment of Mayor. Vote below! OR leave a comment with your thoughts!

Who would you have voted in as Mayor?

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Total votes: 322.

One Comment on “POLL: Secret Ballot. Who would you have voted in as Mayor?

  • Penny
    October 5, 2017 at 3:06 am

    Simon would have vote for deputy. No way in the world should Dorothy Robinson even got onto council let alone deputy mayor with her low amount of first preference votes..the people did not vote for her,

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